Copywriter writing user experience copy on wooden desk next to keyboard and screen.

We provide high-quality copywriting services that improve the user experience and make you and your customers happy!

  • Brand Voice copywriting
  • SEO Blog posts
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • Email copy
  • Presentation copy, sales pitch

Brand Voice copywriting

Working with you and your team, we provide the right tools to hone your mission and vision statements, crystalize your buyer personas and identify a unique and powerful brand voice. User experience methodology ensures a narrative that gives access to understanding. We work with your developer until everything fits nicely on the page.

SEO Blog Posts

We write Search Engine Optimised blog posts that adhere to the latest standards as set by Google. The deliverable includes Headings, URL, and meta description. We make sure the content is easy-to-read and to the point, and meets your goals while serving your vision.

Case Studies

Case Studies are an invaluable marketing tool. While seemingly objective, they truly serve your business by showcasing your skills and ability to solve problems. We write them in the most concise way that has a logical flow and convinces potential customers to trust you.

Press Releases

It is essential to publish press releases that are short and sweet. Quickly and effectively, we communicate what is important and showcase your achievements. SEO comes into play if they are released digitally, and we make sure the copy ticks all the boxes.

Email copy

We write for you email copy that people like to read and achieves conversions. We create highly effective email sequences that promote your launch, webinar, new product, or service. If you are planning something new, this is the way to let people know.

Presentation Copy – Sales Pitch

When a lot is at stake, we help you present content that wins the hearts of your audience. We help you achieve a transformation and take your audience with you. Whether you want to ensure an investment or sell a product or service, your sales pitch needs to be concise, compelling, and inspiring. We also help you with the oral part and any handouts that compliment your presentation.

EWA provides high-quality copywriting services for:

  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
  • B2B and B2C organisations
  • Small to mid-size businesses

Our area of expertise is identifying your brand voice and creating exciting content that gives access to meaning and provides an excellent user experience.

So, if you are ready to turn your ideas into great copy, contact us here.

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