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BIO Extracts email

Subject Line 1: Are you who I should be talking to?

Subject Line 2: [Name] can I have a word? OR Still using denaturated extracts?

Subject Line 3: Bioactive Extracts that work

Dear [Name]

Are you still using denaturated extracts in your products?

My company BIO Extracts produces non-denaturated bioactive extracts, and I believe that your products would benefit from those active ingredients. BIO Extracts is a manufacturer of anti-ageing botanical extracts that remain bioactive.

We specialise in the production of anti-ageing extracts, and we use cold process extraction methods. Our products are not denaturated, and they still contain proteins, enzymes, amino acids, peptides and natural vitamins.

Your company’s products are everything we look for in our partners – high quality and well branded. A partnership with us would result in top quality products that deliver more benefits to your end customers.

I’d love to discuss this with you further and provide more information about our products and processes. Please let me know if I should contact someone else in your company regarding bioactive extracts. You can reach me any time by replying to this email or on my cell 123456.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you


BIO Extracts LLC