Introduction email B2B

B2B Introduction email of animation company

Subject Line 1: Animated Greetings from Bangkok

Subject Line 2: Disney Frozen, Angry Birds, Lego city – what do they have in common?

Hi [Name]!

We love the work you produce!

[Name of recipient’s firm] is consistently producing stellar TV series and films, and I understand that your department is playing a significant role in this. Making the right decisions and choosing the right partners is paramount in your line of work. I get that, and I wouldn’t be contacting you if I didn’t think we can offer you value.

M2 is an accomplished animation house

M2 Entertainment is a fast and flexible partner for any animation, production, IP development, or entertainment project with offices in Denmark, Los Angeles, London, and an animation studio in Bangkok with more than 250 employees. We have done extensive animation for the LEGO universe, including, Lego Ninjago, Lego City, Star Wars, and the Lego Friends series.

A creative animation studio

At M2 Entertainment, we create products that we are proud of, and our work is consistent and reliable. We control every aspect of production under one roof, and we undertake any project from beginning to end. We take care of everything: art, design, storyboard, layout, animation, the models, the shading, the light. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who understand how each story works and aim for perfection every time. Our work speaks for itself. Here you can view a small sample if you have a minute.

We are fully committed to the development and production of high concept projects

Our animation studio consists of more than 230 CGI artists, and the team is growing. We can take a project through a full production cycle, and we are fully committed to the development and production of diverse high-concept projects for animated film and television. We focus on high-spec CG & 2D character-based animation for Series, TV Commercial, and Short Film formats. [Name of firm] can trust us to bring their ideas to the screen.

For more information about M2, you can click here. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our work further with you and explore the possibility of a collaboration. If you are interested in our work, please hit reply and get in touch. I will promptly get back to you to arrange a meeting and provide further details.

I look forward to hearing from you!



M2 Entertainment

Los Angeles, Denmark, Bangkok