Marketing email – Sample

This is a sample of a digital marketing email series for a natural product offering constipation relief.

Subject line 1: How to feel healthier and win a free trip

Subject line 2: Constipation relief and added bonus

Subject line 3: How to relieve constipation and feel healthier

Dear customer (or name if applicable)

An exclusive offer just for you

Is constipation ruining your day? Have you had enough delays already? Constipation and a bowel full of toxins have caused you enough discomfort as it is. It’s about time you do something about it. Make the most of our limited Buy 1 – Get 1 Free offer.

XXX offers constipation relief and it helps clean your liver, blood stream and digestive track. It is also a great cell detoxifier. Taking XXX every night helps Body Cleansing and eliminates constipation.

For a limited time only, you can get XXX at $18.00, get an extra bottle as a free gift and benefit from Free Shipping.

According to medical research 90% of degenerative disease is linked to intestinal stasis, a stagnant condition within our bowels. The herbs in XXX are all-natural ingredients that strengthen the bowel and related organs. Over time the benefits include better complexion, no headaches and more energy!

Order XXX today and take advantage of this unique product that will relieve constipation and improve your overall health. You can read all about its valuable ingredients here or go directly to our ordering page to order your 1 + 1 bottle of XXX. A bonus offer awaits you there as well!

Thank you for your trusting us

The XXX team