6 Secrets for a successful Google Ads campaign

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The secrets small businesses need to know before setting up their first Google Ads account

Google Ads is one of the best advertising platforms for small businesses. The right strategy can propel sales and leads, while the pay-per-click format renders Google Ads ideal. However, small businesses that are planning to set up their own account need to consider the following points. This post reveals 6 valuable secrets for implementing a successful strategy right from the start.

1. Clear goals deliver results

The goals of the campaign must be crystal clear from the outset. A clear definition of what each business is trying to achieve will lead to more precise use of keywords and more focused ads, which in turn will lead to a better conversion rate.

2. Conversion is the name of the game

Right from the beginning, it is important to remember that the end goal is to increase conversions. Instead of building the ads and landing pages around keywords, it is best to work the other way around. Better to start by creating the perfect landing page that will make the visitor convert. Then write the ad that relates directly to that page, and at the end choose those keywords that reflect precisely the text in the ad. This process helps identify the keywords that will not only trigger the ad but will also deliver conversions.

3. Maximum impact with more features

Google offers add-ons and extensions (such as sitelinks, callouts, snippets, location extensions, call extensions) that can increase the impact of the add significantly. The end goal here is to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) which is the number of clicks on the ad compared to the number of views. Increased CTR means more conversions in a more cost-effective way. The secret here is that a higher CTR increases the Quality Score appointed by Google, and a higher Quality Score results in lower cost per click bids. That means more conversions on the same budget!

4. Beginner’s budgeting strategy

This brings us to another secret that can help small businesses: it’s OK to start small. In fact, it is advisable, especially considering how easy it is to expand later, once more familiar with the process. A low daily budget such as $10 per day can save a small business from making a costly mistake. For beginners, it is common to use keywords that generate clicks but don’t achieve conversions. And then having to pay for those clicks. When setting up their account, small businesses need to be very vigilant about Google assumptions since some of them come with a hefty price.

5. Excellent user experience

Nowadays users are expecting a smooth and quick experience every time they land on a website. They expect the page to load fast and the navigation to be straightforward. And more and more they perform searches using their mobile phones. Accordingly, Google favours responsive websites that adjust to the user’s device. It is crucial that landing pages are mobile friendly, and that the text for the ads is short and suitable for smaller screens. It is estimated that half the visitors are gone while a page is loading so speed is of the essence. Google offer to measure the speed of the advertiser’s website beforehand, so the right steps can be taken from the start. 

6. Last but not least: conversion tracking

Google offer one more important feature which is often overlooked: conversion tracking. Conversion tracking informs about how well both the ads and the website perform over time. By assigning a separate code to each landing page Google collects information about conversions and about the conversion rate. Systematic analysis enables the advertiser to constantly evaluate keywords, ads and landing pages and optimise accordingly. Make sure to implement conversion tracking!

Summing up

Google Ads drive consistent round-the-clock traffic to the advertiser’swebsite. They can get the message in front of the right people at the right moment and deliver conversions. Google offers an invaluable marketing tool for every small business; one that comes with its own challenges. The 6 secrets revealed in this post will help every small business make a strong start and avoid common pitfalls.