What is Artificial Intelligence really?

What does AI mean in real life, not in the movies? Science fiction loves to portray human-like super smart machines that take over the world. Reality is not quite so impressive, or scary.

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to process large amounts of data, to recognise patterns in that data and learn from them. Well known examples include the self-driving car and chess-playing computers. However, the way AI can contribute in health care and manufacturing is far more impressive.

As I was going through articles and videos on the subject, I watched a video from Microsoft depicting AI in practice. What struck me the most was the scene at the hospital with the patient recovering from heart surgery. AI technology can track the movements of the patient and notify the nurse in case he exceeds doctor recommendations. AI embedded in the security cameras can also locate the nearest wheelchair and notify the nurse so that she can get the patient seated as soon as possible. 

In a chemical plant, AI cameras can learn to recognise a dangerous incident, like the spillage of a chemical and alert the staff. A computer can notify the right person to clean it up and all others to avoid the danger. Impressive!

Would you like to know more about how this technology works? Are you willing to accept that technology works in mysterious ways or would you like to explore the realities behind it?

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please put them in a reply below.

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