My funny story: The family at the restaurant

As it is Christmas time it feels appropriate to share a funny story. It is a true family story that happened a while ago but stuck with us. It makes us all laugh every time we remember it. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Well, once upon a time …

On a typical Saturday morning, the whole family decided to go shopping. No shortage of needs in a house with two teenage girls. The morning at the stores went more or less as expected. After all the absolutely definitely necessary items were bought, which was about lunch time, we decided to go to their favourite restaurant for a quick bite. Favourite restaurant for teenagers means noise, excitement, crowds. It means food that arrives late, a table near a birthday gathering, teenagers arguing about silly things and parents trying to survive the experience.

Heinz tomato ketchup bottle on the table
Are you sure you want ketchup?

Despite all this, my husband and I wanted to be part of this liveliness, plus we enjoy the taste of this food. So we are all at the table and plates arrive. Burgers all around. And my husband decides it’s best he handles the ketchup bottle so that the kids don’t make a mess. And he shakes the bottle while it is open. And ketchup sauce ends up not only at our table, but also inside the shopping bag of a lady sitting at the next table. So embarrassing! Just picture our faces looking at the traces of ketchup. Eyes wide open and mouths without words. What was worse I do not know; that he thought he could do this better than the kids, or that he spoiled the white garment inside the bag.

A disaster on all accounts that gave real pleasure to our girls. Yes, parents aren’t perfect. What came next was a frantic effort to clean everything up, finish food and go as soon as possible. Lesson learned: Always ensure ketchup bottle is closed before shaking it!

And another lesson: trust your kids to know a thing or two. I just hope and wish we all enjoy a lot of wonderful moments with them. Moments that we will remember and cherish for many years to come!

I’d live to read your funny story! Send me a reply and let me know.


  1. My mind wanders back to a school Christmas show, many years ago, when my son was four years old.
    Seated among the audience, we were looking forward to the performance, “The Nativity Scene”, just as every other parent.
    My son and his best friend Peter were playing the part of the shepherds, heading to visit the newborn Jesus. Backstage preparations were hectic, children were practising lines, figuring out how to walk and talk in front of so many people, while teachers were doing their best to coordinate the young actors. My son and his friend seemed especially relaxed, chatting, laughing and happily… munching on vegetables, which happened to be in Peter’s lunch-box.
    In case you haven’t heard of it, a typical “greek mother” is synonymous with “overprotective “.
    “How on earth can a four year old boy SURVIVE a 30-minute show without some food???” Those were the thoughts of Helen ( Peter’s mum and also a dear friend ),when she decided to send the kid backstage with food supplies!
    Lights out! The show begins!
    One after the other, the young performers get on stage, Joseph, Mary, the Three Wise Men, the Angels and …..the Shepherds, walking and savouring two big, fresh cucumbers, while trying to say their lines!
    It was a disaster!
    The audience couldn’t stop laughing!
    Childish innocence had ONCE MORE
    stolen the show………


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