How to form a routine that will help you learn anything

This is a post about creating a routine and learning anything you choose. It is inspired by a friend who wants to learn but is lacking in confidence.

I want to say: YES, YOU CAN! It is absolutely within your reach.

All you have to do is your daily homework. That little tiny bit every day that is going to make you better tomorrow.

Set an ultimate long-term goal and then use it to plan backwards your monthly, weekly and daily routine. Planning backwards works wonders.

Let’s just say you want to complete a course and sit an exam in May. What do you need to know by end of April, March, February, January? Once you know your months, go to your weeks and then your days. Balance your weeks and your days with everything else you need to do and set your daily goal.

Focus on that daily goal. That tiny bit of knowledge. Do this and forget about the rest. Be vigilant and safeguard that daily improvement. Even if it is ten minutes’ worth of reading. It adds up. I promise! Set your long-term goal, split it into smaller parts for your plan and just do your daily homework.

If you have a tutor or a predefined learning path even better! Splitting the knowledge into manageable bits and setting milestones would be the tutor’s job. Having a tutor can be a relief. All you have to do, is do as they say. Nothing to think about. When I realised that I was so relieved. I could free my mind of worry and simply follow instructions. Like what happens with kids at school. They don’t really worry about what happens or how much they know at the end of the school year. They do their homework and that’s enough.

To me that’s what youth is all about. It is about learning something new every day. Using your mind in new ways, responding to new questions, training your thought process to deliver new outcomes. I believe that therefore the young have the fresh ideas, the dreams the aspirations. Because they are constantly challenged. They function within a framework that trains their mind, that provides new information, and thus new thoughts.

We can do this too. We owe it to ourselves to do this too. We ought to claim our fresh mind, to nurture it and challenge it.

I promise you, if I can do it and kids can do it, you can do it too! Try learning for 10 minutes every day, or 5 pages everyday or whatever number fits your daily schedule. Have confidence in the process. It adds up and delivers.

After a week look back, after a month look back. See?

You did it!


    1. Thank you for your reply! I hope I will be able to write a lot more posts like this. I love your blog too. Love the recipe ideas and especially love the pictures!


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