What have I gained from a Blogging Course?

Hello to you all!

As I mentioned in previous posts I recently completed a course in Blogging and Writing for Online Audiences. At the end I was asked: “What did you gain from this course?”

In this post I will briefly review the course and answer that question.

 The course lasted seven weeks and covered the practical and the inspirational. The philosophy of the course was not only to provide the technical tools, but also to emphasize the esoteric mechanisms that would substantiate our expression and sustain our voice going forward.

The first two weeks were dedicated to the discovery of our voice, our drivers for blogging and the development of strategies for generating ideas and ultimately creating interesting and appealing content.

The next part was dedicated to the financial aspects of the endeavor, the code of ethics involved in public communication and the bidirectional relationship with the overall blogging community.

The final part of the course was dedicated to options for monetising blogging, and ways to improve your chances to be read in the blogosphere (also known as Search Engine Optimisation). At the end of this journey, our tutor addressed the sustainability of our blogging along the lines of proper scheduling and finding the right balance with other aspects of our lives.

Pink screen and keyboard
Love blogging

What did I gain from the course?

I gained a lot of knowledge on practical issues and a valuable insight into the world of online writing. Only to realise there is so much more to learn!

Our tutor helped me gain a belief in myself; she made me think that maybe I can do this!

All parts of the syllabus were useful; it was well thought of and well prepared. The presentations were very comprehensive. Everything was interesting and to the point.

The main gain for me was facing one challenge; the challenge of producing content regularly. The assignments helped me gain confidence in my ability to deliver. The process also helped me realize how much I like writing and communicating with others.

I will miss writing for this course and I will definitely miss receiving feedback from colleagues.

So, dear friends please feel free to send me your comments below any time. I would love to read them.

All the best!


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your experience. I may take a blogging course as well. I know from past experience that the way to improve my writing is by, well, writing more. Please share more!


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