CSS – Styling web pages

CSS is a computer language used for styling web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styling web pages …

This sounds a bit funny to me since I consider the word style to be associated with fashion.

Apparently the word has a broader meaning which covers much more than clothes. According to Cambridge English Dictionary, to style means to shape or design something especially so that it looks attractive.

Style as a noun means a way of doing something, especially one that is typical of a person, place or period.

When we talk about style we refer to something pleasing and interesting. We refer to something being appealing but also characteristic of a thing or person. Or a brand, as per terminology in vogue!

White keyboard and black tablet on yellow surface
Creating style

CSS is our styling tool, it makes our page attractive and it makes it typical of our brand. It serves the image; it conveys the message, the aesthetic of our choice. Of course that goes hand in hand with having a clear identity and a clear vision from the start.

One needs to know what one represents before actually deciding on the elements that best portray that choice. It all comes down to making the right one for you and supporting that choice, that style.

And using the right tools to achieve your style. Like CSS. Or VOGUE!

I will tell you more about CSS as soon as I finish the course and have a more complete and comprehensive view of the content. I am looking forward to learning all about styling! Web Pages and all!

Let me know what you think!

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