How to wear black successfully. Five tips you need to know.

I’m not here as a fashion expert, but rather as a friend. I’m not here to determine trends, nor to echo the voice of the fashion giants. I am here to summarise the basics for you, and make you realise that exuding style is easier then you think.

Forget the extravagant suggestions of the glossy magazines. We both live on Earth, both legs firmly on the ground. As I said when I talked about our community we are leading busy lives with other priorities. I know. But I also know that fashion and style can make you feel good; both as a professional and as a woman. Never too late to do this. You can, and you must allow yourself this luxury. The luxury of making conscious choices.

The luxury of identifying your perfect style and expressing yourself through your choices. It’s not vanity. It’s self-respect and you deserve this. And this is the purpose of my posts, to guide you to the right direction for yourself. I am not suggesting you suddenly ignore your responsibilities at work or at home and run around buying clothes. I am merely saying it’s important to find the right balance between your responsibilities and your right to nurture your personality. So have no fear. I am here to give you quick tips about the basics without the intimidation of the fashion experts.

Well, black is a fashion must, isn’t it? Everybody knows that. Safe choice!

Especially in relation to French style and that je ne sais quoi, black serves a purpose. Fashion editors and designers all too often wear just black.

Nothing more popular than LBD, the Little Black Dress. There is no book or magazine that doesn’t mention this. And a black suit, coat, pants …

However, for the amateur wearing black is not as easy as it sounds. It is all too easy to end up looking drab, neglected, boring or like a grieving widow. There are a few elements that require special attention and make all the difference.

1. Sharp tailoring

The outfit has to be the right size. The stitches need to stand straight on your shoulders, the neckline hanging closely around the neck, the trousers defining your legs. Too tight and you are not comfortable, too loose and it’s a sad look.

2. Well groomed

Don’t even think about wearing black without immaculate hair, clear skin and neat manicure. Black makes every detail stand out, so make sure you are well groomed and don’t forget your teeth. Clean, white teeth guarantee the best smile. This simply requires the regular visits to the dentist twice a year, and a consistent care of your skin. Expensive treatments not needed, but that’s another post.

3. Red lipstick

It goes fantastically well with black. Makes the right contrast, exudes femininity without being too much. Red lips and a colourful outfit can be risky but red lips and black dress is just the epitome of style. If red lips are not your type, still apply makeup that defines your femininity, your eyes or your lips. I’m sure you know the rule about not emphasising both at the same time. Do either.

4. Be careful with your accessories

As always, shoes, bag and jewellery can make or break the whole look. To be on the safe side, choose shoes and bag that are also black. But you could go for a bold coloured bag that would make the look pop. In that case, choose jewellery that is minimal or none at all. Alternatively go for a big bold necklace and keep all else plain.

5. Be careful with textures

Not all black is the same. The fabric matters. Silk, cotton, wool, velvet, synthetics, they all reflect light differently. When combining materials and textures check them beforehand in natural light. To be on the safe side, also check them in strong artificial light to make sure a thin fabric doesn’t turn too revealing under the unexpected light at night or day.

Treat black as a canvas for your beauty and your style. Make sure you always present the best version of you. Love yourself, your style, your choices!  Wear black with confidence and as always, don’t forget to smile!


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